• How can I change my tax rate?

    To change or add your Tax Rate you will want to click on your name in the top right then click on My Settings.  From there it will take you to a page where you will want to click on Sales and then enter in your Tax Rate. Be sure when you are finished to click on Save. 
  • How do I enable ProPay payments?

    Here is how you enable ProPay in Pink Office.  Click on the top where your name is and choose Settings From there you will want to choose Integrations and enter in your ProPay email.  Once you click "Save" you will have the ability to receive payments from customers usi...
  • How to change Plan Type

    If you want to change your Billing plan type here is where you can do that You can pay monthly at $9.95 a month, biannually at $53.70 or annually at $95.40.
  • How to get the Spanish Version of Pink Office

    Need Pink Office in Spanish? Here's how you can do that now: Click on your name in the top right. Then click on Settings.  From there you will see a Drop down menu next to Language You can choose Spanish there! 
  • How to send the weekly accomplishment report to my director?

    Here is how you can email your WAS to your Director: First you will want to click on your name in the top right then when the drop down menu appears choose My Settings From there a page will pop up where there will be a space to enter in  your Directors information Be s...