Can I export my calendar to google or ical?

You can export your Pink Office calendar to either Google Calendar or iCal. 

To Export to Google Calendar: 

First, open the "datebook" section of Pink Office by clicking "datebook" from the dashboard toolbar. 

To Export to your Google Calendar click on "get export URL."

Next, use your mouse to highlight and copy the provided link. 

Now, in a new tab open Google Calendar.

From the Google Calendar app open the calendar settings by clicking the stacked lines next to the blue calendar icon. Then, click on the plus sign in the circle to the right of "add a friend's calendar" in Google Calendar. Then click on the choice "from URL."

Paste the link you copied into the empty field and click "add calendar." Now, the bookings you have populated on your Pink Office calendar will appear on your Google Calendar. 

You will need to do this periodically to add new bookings to your Google Calendar. We suggest adding your bookings weekly to Pink Office and exporting them to your Google Calendar at that time. (They will not automatically appear in both calendars.)

To Export to iCAL.

First, open the "datebook" section of Pink Office by clicking "datebook" from the dashboard toolbar. 

Next, click "Export to iCal."

You will be given a file to open that will bounce a couple of times at the bottom of your open browser screen. Double click it and the iCal app will open in your dock. 

Click to open the iCal app in your dock and then click "OK" to add the event/s. 

You will need to repeat these steps when adding new items to your Pink Office calendar. We suggest a weekly planning session in which you add items to your Pink Office Calendar and then sync your iCal or Google Calendar.