How can I track a loan/borrow or exchange with another consultant

When you would like to loan product to a sister consultant, borrow product from her, or exchange product with her,  you can do an inventory adjustment. (After looking at the first step, scroll to the bottom of this article if you are just interested in Exchanges.)

First click "Inventory," then "Adjustments" then "Add Adjustment."

Now to loan a product complete the fields as shown below.  You can make the description anything that is meaningful to you. Click "Save."

Begin typing the name of the product you would like to loan.  When you see it on the list below, click there. 

When all the items have been added, click "Apply Loan." 

You will be given a receipt of your transaction. You could print this for your sister consultant.  It also serves as a digital record for you. You are all done!  

Instructions for Borrowing and Exchanging are as follows:

To borrow from a sister consultant do every thing the same.  Except after you click "add adjustment" choose "borrow" instead of "loan."

When they return the product to you, or when you return the product to them, choose "other."  Be sure to mark your quantity with a -1 or 1 based on if you are giving or receiving.

As you can see here I have 1 for the Crystaline because it is being returned to me and a -1 for the moisturizer because I'm returning it to her. 

Exchanges are a little different.

Choose Exchange on the first window after going to "Inventory," then "Adjustments," then "Add Adjustment." (See example above)

Enter the products you wish to exchange and click "Add Exchange." Notice it doesn't have to be an exact exchange. 

You will be given a receipt of you transaction.  As you see here, you owe the other consultant $2.00.  

That might seem like a lot, but once you get used to it, you'll be flying through inventory adjustments!  Great work.

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