My order total is off, how do I fix it?

Order importing is actually pretty delicate.  There are some settings that you can manage and some options that you can choose to correct your order total.  Try some of these things first and as always if you need help click the "Live Support" button on the top right hand side of your screen.  Even if it says that live support is unavailable you can send us an email from there.  Be sure to include your order totals from MK.

Let's start with taxes.  You can set your tax rate by clicking on your username, then "Settings," then "Sales."  That will not only set your sales tax rate for you invoices, but also for you incoming orders.  

Since we are thinking taxes, let's look at an order to see where the tax rate is.

Is your tax rate correct for your billing area but the tax doesn't match MK?  Was this a CDS order?  If it was a CDS order, then MK matched the tax rate of the customer.  You can change the tax rate by highlighting it and typing the correct tax rate right on the order.  

Maybe the tax rate isn't the issue.  Lets look at the products.  You can change how they are categorized and how tax is applied.  (Also, if you live in TX or VA, be sure to set your "Tax Exempt Rule" to your state.  It is on the same "settings" page as above.)

Did a section 2 product import as if it were section 1?  You can change that by clicking the drop down menu just to the right of the product.  Is this a bonus product from Career Conference or Seminar?  You can mark that as no tax by clicking on the drop down menu in the order type column.  Biz Builder Bucks should stay on the order.  Those get marked as "Bonus/no tax" but should import as such.

Lastly, "Fixed Wholesale" and "Purchase with Purchase" items will need to be changed to match their wholesale amount.  For example the "Purchase with Purchase" items that are $5 import with a wholesale of $2.50.  Change the wholesale column on the order to $5.00 by highlighting and correcting right on the order. 

 (This item is correct, this picture is just to indicate where to highlight and edit.)

If you are still having problems with your order, just send me an email by clicking the "live support" button.  Let me know what the totals are from your order status page in intouch. We're here to help!

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