I want to just start over with my inventory

If you would like to zero out your inventory and start over, here's how.

Click the "Inventory" tab followed by "Adjustments" then click "Add Adjustment."

A small box will appear.  Click the arrow to the right of the "Adjustment Type" field to see the list of Adjustment types.  Choose "Zero All Levels."  Complete the rest of the information in this box and click "Save."  You can type in anything you'd like int the "Description" field. 

You will see a breakdown of your transaction.  (At the very bottom of this page you will see a total change in inventory.  This will likely be a negative number, it is the amount of inventory you had.  Since they are all going to 0, you are subtracting that number from your inventory.  There is nothing you need to adjust as the new level field is already set to 0)  Click "Apply Adjustment" to save as permanent.  If you aren't so sure yet, click "Save Draft."  To delete click the trash can.

You will be given a receipt of your transaction.  It could be very long.  I am showing you the top and bottom.

Now it is time to re-enter your inventory.  You can do that by following these directions.  Click here to find out how. 

It is possible that you could change your mind after applying the adjustment.  If this happens click the Adjustment number from the Inventory Adjustments page, then click "Revert to Draft."

After you click "Revert to Draft" you can click the trash can and delete the transaction.  This will add the numbers removed, back into your inventory.  I don't suggest doing this if you have made any other changes to your inventory since the "zero all levels" adjustment.

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