How do I create a booking and add invoices to it?

How do I create a booking and add invoices to it?

You can create a booking 2 different ways.  First, by going to the "Datebook" section and second, by beginning an invoice.  

First let's take a look at creating a booking from the "Datebook."

Click on the "Datebook" tab.  



Now your booking is created.  You can view it and it's details by clicking on "Bookings" from the "Datebook" tab.  

When you create an invoice, choose the customer it is associated with, then choose the party that it is assigned to.  The customer can be the hostess or someone else.  

Begin typing the name of the event.  For this example I chose "Kristen's Mary Kay @ Play party."  When you see the correct party on the list click on it, then click save to begin creating the invoice.  

You can do this for each invoice that is associated with that party.  They will appear on the Weekly Accomplishment Sheet as one total under the hostesses name.  

The second way to add a booking is by beginning with an invoice.  

Now click on "Add New Booking."

Complete the information necessary for the booking, be careful to enter the correct date and description. Then click "Save."

Now you will be taken back to the page where you can continue with creating the invoice and the event you just created will appear in the booking field.  You can click save and proceed with crating the invoice.  

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