Phone App: Creating an Invoice

Phone App: Creating an Invoice

Welcome to the Pink Office companion app.  This application serves as a companion to the Pink Office web version.  At  you can add unlimited contacts and invoices with a subscription.  

To create an invoice start at the Dashboard screen and click "Create Invoice."

Next, choose what kind of invoice you are creating.  (If you'd like to associate this invoice to an existing party be sure to create that party on the web version which can be found at  Log in with the same username and password that you've already created.)  Click the field that says "on the go appointment" to change the invoice type if you so desire.  Also, choose the customer and change the date if necessary. 

Next, begin entering the product that you'd like to sell.  You can type the product name or part number in the search field that appears when you click the add product button. (If you would like to see a list of products you sell often, you will need to mark those as favorites.  Click here to find out how.  Your "Favorite Products" are the the ones that load in the Pink Office iOS application.  However, all the products are with in the app already and are searchable, you just won't be able to see inventory levels until they are favorites.  This feature saves storage space on your device.)

Once you have the products chosen you can choose whether or not this invoice should have a discount, change the tax and mark it delivered.  (Delivering products will remove them from your inventory.)  Once you have made those choices, click "Save."

Clicking save gives you just a few more're almost done!

Save as Draft: This will save the invoice in an editable mode.

Create Invoice: This will save the invoice as complete, can be reverted to draft.

Create and Add Payment:  This will save the invoice as complete and take you to a page to add full or partial payments to the invoice, if you want the invoice to deliver and pay, the delivery toggle should be set to green.

Create and Add Delivery:  The products will be removed from inventory levels and the invoice completed, but not paid. 

Create and Email invoice: This will give you a field to enter the email address and a note to your customer.  

Nice work!  Aren't you so professional!

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