How to break up the #Glowandtell Bundle

You got a really great deal on that #Glowandtell Bundle. do you deal with that in your inventory.

After importing your order find the bundle in your inventory and click on the part number.  We are going to look at the #Glowandtell Bundle, not the replacement bundle, but that will work the same way.  This will also be a solution to breaking up a bundle such as the "Ready Set Sell" bundles you have the opportunity to earn as a new consultant.  

Now you will be in the product information page.  You can adjust your on hand or target amount here, but we want to break up this set! Click the Breakup/Assemble Set button. 

A window like the one below will appear.  Scroll through the products there and you can see the individual components of this set.  (NOTICE this is a unique is made up of other sets!  If you want to sell an individual item from your miracle set, you will need to further break up the set.  You will do it the same way as described here but you will first find the miracle set in your inventory.)  Enter the quantity of sets you want to break up and click save.

A green banner will briefly appear allowing you to know that the process was completed.  You will also have a new activity for this product at the bottom of the page.  Anytime you would like to see the products that are part of this set click on "contents."  

Don't forget if you are going to sell the Miracle Sets or the Clear Proof Acne set in individual pieces you will need to break that set up as well.  

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