How to create mailing labels

1. Click the “Contacts” button from the menu bar.

2. Select the checkbox to the left of the “Name” column. Doing so, will select all contacts on the page. You can also filter the search first by using the Filter buttons. Or if you prefer to select only a few contacts, simply click the checkboxes of the contacts you want to include on the labels.

3. Click the “Create Labels” button

4. A “Create Labels” pop-up will appear. On this pop-up you can select the style of label you’d like to print, and the starting label number. You also have the option to create labels for “All Contacts’ if you prefer. Once you have selected your options, click “Generate Labels” to create a PDF document. This PDF document will be what you will print to your label paper. The PDF document will appear in your downloads folder.

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